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     Playing hockey for the Royal Military College of Canada is one of the best kept secrets to Canadian high school graduates who have the ability and desire to play college/university hockey. To receive a world class education, be paid a salary to attend, have all tuition and book expenses covered, have free lodging and meals provided on campus, to earn a pension from day one and to have the opportunity to play in the CIS with many elite players is a “package” which few, if any colleges or universities, can match. We believe playing hockey for the RMC Paladins is the best all around opportunity for university hockey players.


-Free Tuition
-Free Books
-Salary while at school and upon graduation
-Quality lodging on campus
-All meals provided on campus 7 days per week
-100% medical and dental benefits
-Guaranteed job and salary upon graduation
-Second Language training
-Each year of attendance is pensionable
-Special ceremonies for incoming first year students cadet's, 2 day - 4 event graduation ceremonies and many others.

Recruiting Form

      If you believe you are a good candidate for the RMC Men’s hockey team, and that you possess the drive, determination and leadership to excel at our prestigious university, then we would love to hear from you. It is a very special opportunity for the best of the best.

      Please send Coach Lim ( an email with the following information:

- Name
- Current Team
- Brief Hockey Resume
- Reference list
- Copy of Transcripts

      You can also begin the application process with the Canadian Forces using the button below.


      Parents are often forgotten in the university/ college process but not at RMC. The college and our team understand the important role parent's play in supporting their student cadet through their journey at the college.

      From a parent's standpoint visiting the campus should give great comfort about the support and facilities your son will have while attending. As for a visit you will really enjoy the city of Kingston with its abundance of culinary, pubs/bars options and it's easy to navigate charming city centre.

      There is lots to see and do outside of visiting your son such as; seeing the history, islands of Lake Ontario, the shoreline, the famous Kingston Penitentiary, magnificent and historic Fort Henry which sits above the RMC campus with stunning views of the campus and Kingston. We are extremely confident that visiting Kingston and RMC will become an exciting event for you and your entire family.

     Hopefully you can coordinate your visits with some ceremonies for your son. We strongly suggest that you attend your son's welcome to RMC, the badging of first year cadets on the same weekend of the first year cadets obstacle course challenge! Also try to attend a graduation weekend. Unlike most colleges and universities this event is very prestigious and is an eventful two days of marches, fireworks, and other ceremonies on campus and nearby.

      We are committed to outlining a calendar of the suggested ceremonies and team events for the parents.