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The Royal Military College of Canada

      The Royal Military College of Canada offers a university education that is second to none. The prestige of a RMC degree is unquestioned and with 19 different undergraduate Bachelor programs to choose from, the academic side of RMC is very diverse. The College has professors and lecturers from all different backgrounds including military members, tenured professors from nearby Queen's University and numerous world-renowned professors. When added to the small class sizes (usually twenty students or less) and the availability for one on one instruction with professors, student-athletes have a very personalized learning plan.

      A RMC degree is based on four pillars: academics, military, athletics and bilingualism.
A RMC degree provides a solid foundation for life as it carries enormous credibility within the Canadian Armed Forces and other employers both nationally and abroad.

      The military component of the college sets RMC apart from other universities. Our ROTP (Regular Officer Training Program) athletes are serving members in the Canadian Armed Forces. As such, they live on campus and wear a uniform during the school days. They are also compensated with a salary, 100% benefits (medical, dental and the like), free books and tuition, and a pension which accrues from day one of entry. During their time at RMC, the cadets will undergo military training in the summer, specific for their military jobs. While at the college, this military training is supplemented by continuous leadership training as well as some general officer training.

      Upon graduation, the cadets are commissioned as Officers into the CAF and afforded a five year obligatory service contract with a guaranteed salary and ongoing benefits. During these years, members will each have a different career path filled with hands on training, leadership training, management positions and the opportunity for different career opportunities. After their five years of contracted service, the members will hold ranks of at least Captain or Lieutenant (N) and are able to choose to stay in the CAF or to release and switch their careers into the civilian sector with a full and impressive resume.
In addition to the stellar education and leadership training, an RMC degree delivers to a graduate a lifetime support network with his or her fellow cadets and other CAF military personel.

Kingston, Ontario

"Where history and innovation thrive"

      The city of Kingston is the beautiful backdrop for RMC. RMC is situated on it’s own peninsula in Kingston's East end, sitting across a body of water only minutes from Downtown. Kingston runs along the shores of Lake Ontario, providing many summer activities and 4 distinct seasons.

      There are 3 post-secondary institutions in Kingston, making it a safe, fun and activity filled city for students. As such, the downtown core is set up for pedestrians, and typically students don’t find a need for vehicles. Restaurants and nightlife opportunities are abundant for cadets in their down time. The city’s slogan is “where history and innovation thrive”.

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